6 Layer PCB Prototype

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Product Description:

High TG Multilayer PCB, 1.0mm PCB Board Thickness, Best China PCB Supplier

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High TG Multilayer PCB, 1.0mm PCB Board Thickness, Best China PCB Supplier

PCB Product Description:
> Layer Count:     6 Layers PCB
> Quantity:      100pcs Sample PCB
> PCB Board Size:  108 * 104mm
> PCB Material:     TG170
> Board Thickness:   1.0 mm
> Copper Thickness:  1OZ
> Surface Finish:   HAL(Lead Free) (RoHS)
> Solder Mask:    Green Solder Mask
> Silkscreen:      White screen (top&bot)
> Min drill/pad:    0.2mm/ 0.5mm
> Min track thickness: 0.2mm/ 0.2mm
> Delivery Time:   8 days
> Place of destination: USA
> Certification:      UL , RoHS, ISO9001,
                             ISO14001, TS16949

PCB File Format
> PCB quote and Manufacture from standard Gerber files.
   There are so many different versions of PCB files today, in order to avoid version conflicts,
   please provide us with Gerber RS-274-X format files,
   that will greatly help during we use CAM350 quote and PCB fabrication.
> EastPCB accept Altium, Protel design files for quotation only.
   please exporting Gerber files for PCB Manufacturing.
   A full set PCB files include Gerber files, NC drill files and outline files.

> Important information not often easily identifiable in the gerber files,
   it is kindly have a simple text file that explaining your quotation requirement,
   such as PCB Material, surface finished, board thickness, copper weight, layer stackup and so on.
> Attached all of gerber files and text in a zip format,
   and name the files so that we can find them easily next time.

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