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Product Description:

4 Layer Prototype PCB, Controlled Impedance PCB Board, Best USA PCB Supplier

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4 Layer Prototype PCB, Controlled Impedance PCB Board, Best USA PCB Supplier 
PCB Product Description:
> Layer Count:     4 Layers PCB
> Quantity:     20panels(200pcs) PCB boards
> PCB Board Size:  135.2 * 258mm
> PCB Material:    FR4
> Board Thickness:   1.6 mm
> Copper Thickness:  1OZ
> Surface Finish:   Immersion gold PCB
> Solder Mask:    Green Solder Mask
> Silkscreen:      White screen (top&bot)
> Min drill/pad:    0.7mm/ 1.5mm
> Other: Controlled Impedance
> Delivery Time:   7 days
> Place of destination: USA
> Certification:      UL , RoHS, ISO9001,
                             ISO14001, TS16949
PCB Manufacturing Capabilities 

  • Layer Counts:  1-32 layers
  • Material:    FR4, High TG FR4, HDI PCB, Flexible PCB, Halogen Free material,etc
  • Board Thickness:  0.2-6.0mm
  • Finished Copper:   0.5-5 OZ
  • Min line Width/Space:  0.1mm(4mil) / 0.1mm(4mil)
  • Min Drill/Pad:     0.2mm(8mil) / 0.4mm(16mil)
  • Board Thickness/Hole:  Max Ratio: 12:1
  • Solder Mask Color:  Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Matt, etc.
  • Silkscreen Color:  White, Black, Yellow
  • Min Silkscreen Width/Height:  5mil/30mil
  • Surface Finished:  HASL (lead free), Immersion Gold/ ENIG, Gold finger, etc.
  • Other Technology:  Impedance Control, Via hole filling Ink, BGA, Buried/ Blind via, etc.
  • Reliability Test: Flying probe test, Fixture test, Micro Metallographic section analysis, etc.

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