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Product Description:

1.0mm Double Sided PCB, Green PCB Board, Best Israel PCB Supplier

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1.0mm Double Sided PCB, Green PCB Board, Best Israel PCB Supplier 
PCB Product Description:
> Layer Count:     2 Layers PCB
> Quantity:     100panels(1000PCS) PCB
> PCB Board Size:  175.13 * 178.82mm
> PCB Material:    FR4
> Board Thickness:   1.0 mm board
> Copper Thickness:  1OZ
> Surface Finish:   Lead Free PCB
> Solder Mask:    Green Solder Mask
> Silkscreen:      White screen (top&bot)
> Min drill/pad:    0.7mm/ 1.5mm
> Delivery Time:   8 days
> Place of destination: ISRAEL
> Certification:      UL , RoHS, ISO9001,
                             ISO14001, TS16949 
Fast turn-around PCB prototype
In order to help customers to reduce the R&D period and be the winner in the market, we provide quick turn PCBs, both prototypes and small volume production batches.
With our quick response and the professional service of dedicated quick-turn PCB manufacturers, we can supply PCBs within one week as normal, and 3 days in urgent situations. 
All of PCB boards will be 100% E-test
>for PCB Prototype, the Flying Probe test is Free.
>for low volume PCB production, the E-testing is free, but the leadtime will be add 2-3days.
>for mid or big PCB production, need Fixture Test and add cost, please also do not worry, it only charge once.
>In rare circumstances that some of boards not pass the testing, we will remake new boards to meet the order quantity, this will delay shipment 2-3 days.


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