Double Sided PCB

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Product Description:

2.0mm FR4 PCB Material 2layers Board, Black Solder Mask Prototype PCB

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2.0mm FR4 PCB Material 2layers Board, Black Solder Mask Prototype PCB

PCB Product Description:
> Layer Count:     Double Sided PCB
> Quantity:      30pcs PCB Boards
> PCB Board Size:  275*335mm
> PCB Material:    FR4
> Board Thickness:   2.0 mm
> Copper Thickness:  1OZ
> Surface Finish:   Lead Free PCB
> Solder Mask:    Black solder mask
> Silkscreen:      White screen (top&bot)
> Min drill/pad:    0.7mm/1.4mm
> Delivery Time:   9 days
> Place of destination: Italy
> Certification:      UL , RoHS, ISO9001,
                             ISO14001, TS16949

How to get PCB from EastPCB:
PCB Manufacturing is a long and complex process. East PCB make it so easy:
1, Fill on line or Email, Attached your design files (Gerber files, drill and readme file in a zip format ) and your quotation request.
2, Within 8 hours, you’ll receive the detailed and exact quotation that include PCB information and PCB price. If you are interesting with the quotation, you can send Purchase Order or Email tell us.
3, We’ll review your design files and start your job once get your payment.
then, all you need to do is waiting for the delivery person ringing your door.
4, You can payment by PayPal, Master, Visa or Western Union.
pls payment by Bank if you going to mid or big order.
5, DHL, FeDex, UPS, TNT are our shipping partner, usually only 2-3 days to USA, Canada, Australia, 3-4 days to France, England, Italy etc Europe country.

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